A little bit about us.

McFall Consulting, a Service-disabled Veteran-owned Small Business (SDVOSB) has been facilitating sales with Federal, State and Local Government entities since 2013. McFall Consulting owner, Donnie McFall (Owner/CEO) has been in Sales, Business Development and Contract Management for over 30 years.

McFall Consulting originally started the business with one brand and has grown exponentially over the years to handling over 30 of the most reputable and top-notch health, fitness and wellness brands in the industry.

McFall Consulting sells both to the government as well as commercially and our focus is helping people become and stay healthy in every aspect of their being – mind, body and soul. As you look through our website, you will see that we provide a wide array of products that will help you achieve optimized wellness.

When you look at the McFall Consulting logo, you will see that it depicts two people shaking hands. This is the premise we live by and the philosophy we represent – an attitude of lasting partnerships with our customers.

Red Light Therapy/PBM

Red light therapy is fast-becoming the solution to accelerated healing & recovery. More and more studies are showing that exposing the body to low wavelength red light has numerous amazing health benefits:  Improved skin health, accelerated healing of wounds and scars, hair growth, pain reduction, bone recovery, anti-inflammatory effects, and the list goes on! Meet some of the top experts from each of the brands we represent in this space!

Sanitization & Disinfection

Fitness facilities, schools, law enforcement agencies – everyone is now understanding how critical it is to have a disinfection and sanitization protocol in place in order to keep everyone healthy and able to continue “doing business”. We are proud to partner with the TOP brands whose priority is doing just that – keeping people safe and healthy!


It’s not just physical fitness that helps people live their healthiest life…physical, mental, and emotional WELLNESS is also essential! Meet some of the amazing individuals who are the key to us being able to provide that wellness.


This is where it all started for McFall Consulting – the Fitness industry! We continue to represent the very top brands in the industry and have developed long-term, lasting relationships with each of them. It’s all about maintaining healthy partnerships with our brands, as well as our customers!


Facilities are finding that having a well-equipped aquatic center is appealing to, and attracting people to their facility. Aquatic bikes, treadmills, yoga mats as well as the equipment you need for a pool or to train swimmers – we’ve got you covered! We’ve paired with brands who know aquatics and the science behind how aquatic exercise can benefit the body and mind.

McFall Logistics

Not only does McFall Consulting offer you the fitness and wellness equipment needed for your facility – our sister company, McFall Logistics, LLC can provide the installation and other services you may also need with white glove service!

What We Can Do For You