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McFall Consulting, Inc. strives to be the best in the fitness equipment industry, bringing together total solutions that fulfill customer expectations. Our logo depicts two people exchanging a hand-shake, which represents our philosophy: an attitude of partnership with our customers and a strong commitment to understanding their needs.

Our growing past performance is a testament to our success.


Red light therapy is fast becoming the solution to accelerated healing & recovery. More and more studies are showing that exposing the body to low wavelength red light has numerous amazing health benefits: Improved skin health, accelerated healing of wounds and scars, hair growth, pain reduction, bone recovery, anti-inflammatory effects, and the list goes on! Meet some of the top experts from each of the brands we represent in this space!

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This is where it all started for McFall Consulting – the Fitness industry! We continue to represent the very top brands in the industry and have developed long-term, lasting relationships with each of them. It’s all about maintaining healthy partnerships with our brands, as well as our customers!



It’s not just physical fitness that helps people live their healthiest life…physical, mental and emotional WELLNESS are also essential! Meet some of the amazing individuals who are the key to us being able to provide that wellness.

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McFall Consulting, Inc. brings together a total solution for your agency, by incorporating equipment selection with sports science, training, installation, and ongoing service from the best brands in the industry. Whether you have specific equipment needs or would like us to consult on a full-gym design or fitness plan, we help you meet your department’s fitness, health, and wellness goals.

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