Facilities are finding that having a well-equipped aquatic center is appealing to, and attracting people to their facility. Aquatic bikes, treadmills, yoga mats as well as the equipment you need for a pool or to train swimmers – we’ve got you covered! We’ve paired with brands who know aquatics and the science behind how aquatic exercise can benefit the body and mind.


POOLBIKING is shaking up Aquabike or Aquabiking. We lead the way innovating and offering a high quality product . The key for success, design and manufacture our equipment thinking on person.

Aquatic Fitness Craze!

Aquatic Fitness is taking the world by storm! Refresh yourself while working out…in the water! It’s a fun, healthy and no-impact cardio workout for everyone. It’s not just aquatic bikes, you can also get an aquatic workout with their Pooltrekker, PoolMat and PoolJumping products.


Experts say it’s a high quality exercise. In just 30 minutes, we can achieve a high-performance workout, burn a significant amount of calories with a minimum joint impact. The continued resistance of the water reduces the session time compared with land-based activities. The pedalling is ’round’ with the F.P.R., no dead point in the rotation! With a regular practice you will soon see the results.

Aqualogix & Aquastrength

Drag resistance equipment from Aqualogix and Aquastrength can be effectively used for all types of training:

  • Cardio: High intensity training with fast movements
  • Strength: Improve strength and muscle balance
  • Rehabilitation: Low impact training that allows you to easily target specific
    muscle groups
  • General Well-Being: Simple movements such as walking and running
  • Sports Specific Training: simulating sports specific movements such as a tennis swing, swim kick or boxing strike

We invite you to join the adventure with us!